Technological solutions to provide better operational and financial results.

CITROTEC® in partnership with BTZ Technology, offer complete solutions for Project Engineering, Processes and Equipment Integration. Result of the merger of highly specialized and trained professionals, with 50-year engineering expertise, resulting in an Engineering team with the capability to provide solutions in several industrial areas, complete plant projects, consultancy and technical supervision in the field, due to the accumulated practical experience by their professionals, they are well equipped with solid and renowned information.

Technical consultancy

• BMVEH - Process Balances.
• Diagnosis of Industrial Process.
• Diagnosis in Boilers.
• Operational Hazop.
• Process improvement studies.
• Laboratory analysis.
• Monitoring losses in the industry.
• Technical and economic feasibility studies.
• Operational training.


• Basic and Detailed Equipment Project.
• Basic and Detailed Industrial Plants Project.
• Capex and Opex following (FEL methodology).
• PFDs & P&lds flowcharts.
• Retrofit Engineering Inspection of Boilers and Pressure Vessels.
• Maintenance of the main parts (Economizer, Super heater, Tube Bundles, etc.).
• Retrofit of Boilers and Equipment.


Manufacturing and Warranty: